We love colourful beaded jewellery and most of all we love people!
Running a non-profit business allows us to invest in the Producers and in our community. Whether attending events or selling online, we try to ensure that customers get to see the beautiful faces behind the product.
Our jewellery stands alone but it also tells a story: Khlong Toey is the largest slum community in Bangkok and is better known for its problems than anything else.
There are lots of barriers to securing meaningful employment, particularly for women. We choose to celebrate the good in our Community!
It is a vibrant, welcoming and creative place and its residents have big dreams. At RoyRak we offer our staff full-time contracts with a fair-wage, insurance, training opportunities, and a safe working environment.
This job security has a ripple effect to families and to many other aspects of life. The project is managed by local women with support from Urban Neighbours of Hope Thailand Foundation.