If you are in Bangkok there are lots of ways that you can engage with the work and vision of RoyRak! We can tailor our services to the needs of your group but briefly:

Come to us:
We love hosting visitors! If you would like to shop from us directly and benefit from workshop prices, please email us to make an appointment.

One of our goals for RoyRak is also offering a responsible and honest window onto slum-life as experienced by our staff. We run ‘Stories of Hope’; a full day, hands-on tour for groups of up to 20 people. Please contact us for more details

Let us come to you:
Our guided jewellery workshops are very popular with all ages! Our Thai and English speaking team are well practiced at running activities for children’s parties as well as social events for adults. Learn a new skill and take a handmade piece of jewellery or two home!

RoyRak are always open to setting up a stall at craft sales, school fairs etc. If you would be willing to host a sale in your home or workplace please contact us