Morse Code Bracelets



RoyRak Morse Code bracelets are a perfect personalised gift or keepsake. The words that you choose can hold meaning for the wearer who has the fun of decoding it!  

The design is stylish and slender; from a glance you would not know that the beads represent Morse Code but those who notice are sure to be intrigued! 

The beads are made from sterling silver 92.5% for comfortable and lasting wear.

Customers can choose from several colours of silk thread and can opt for double or single thread depending on the number of characters to be encoded (up to 8 characters per thread).

Whether you decide on a name or a sentiment, we can custom make your design within two working days. Why not commission matching bracelets to surprise a friend or loved one?

Once you have placed your order, please send us an email at with:

- Your order number
- Your choice of thread colour (black, red, blue, green or grey)
- Personalised message

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